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Getting all inside All Inside

I usually have to open this conversation with, it’s not a metaphor for sex. Or at least, that wasn’t the intention. At the end of the day, a song is always what you bring to it and who am I to say that’s NOT what it’s about for you? All I can really say is that at the time I was writing this I was infatuated with the natural metaphors of existence, such as the seasons and the cosmos. I wrote those moments into this song because (just like someone interpreting my lyrics to mean something to them) I was pulling my own parallels out of thin air.

I was in the challenging beginning stages of a relationship with someone who had just come from something serious and who was considering whether or not they could really dive in to something new. It was challenging because I was already face first with most of my body submerged. I should be clear that music is almost always a tool for me. I don’t write songs to make someone see something, I write them so I can see it from a new angle. As such, most people I write songs “about” never hear them until that moment has fully passed. Using the metaphor of the seasons in this song was a way of reminding myself that the cycle of passing and new growth is as ancient and inexorable as the universe itself, hence the second verse starting “We cannot hold time, nor can we wait”.

A part of me had to internally debate whether or not I was setting up a premise of “we are all slaves to time and the moment so you should be with me”, because that’s not really the narrative as I saw it. I think we’re only slaves if we’re wholly unaware of the patterns we’re all prone to. For me, saying “we cannot hold time, nor can we wait” is a check in with reality while at the same time we were trying to do just that. We existed in suspension from the real world where neither of us had to make a final decision, both fully aware that it couldn’t last. That’s called breaking the rules up to the point you know they will break you.

The rest of the song could be summed up by saying, “this is why this could work”.

And though I’m tempered as the sun,
and you the moon I know that we will meet at dusk and dawn.

This is probably my favourite lyric in the song. The idea that two people could be so different and yet there’s this meeting place along the periphery where all opposites must invariably collide and coexist. I don’t know if science could substantiate that proclamation, but anecdotally it gives me warm feelings. It makes me think of the last scene in “Ladyhawke” (circa 1985, which I probably watched a dozen times because it was one of three VHSs my dad owned), where they see each other for that brief glimpse between wolf and hawk and it’s so perfect and bittersweet (this may not stand up to the test of time, I haven’t seen this movie since I was 9). I also liked this line because the sun and moon are actually such perfect metaphors for the two of us. I’m loud and sometimes really inconvenient, she’s romantic and subdued. NAILED IT.*

On a related note, tonally the song is set in space. So. You know. Work with that. I’d recommend you picture yourself on a solitary sojourn through the cosmos, with nothing but oxygen, dehydrated food, and way too much time to think. Press play.

The instrumentation, the way the chorus comes in rather tentative – just as the drums are always subdued – it’s meant to feel a little solitary and far away. In contrast, the ending of the song should feel like the re-entry into the atmosphere and so becomes your transition into the real world. As you land you’re greeted by a healthy and reciprocated relationship, Soul to Use. Neat!


*I’m also slowly burning the earth to a cinder.

music & lyrics by J. Everett

The shiver winter, that autumn brings
Will bare a new light, a new death, a new spring
Of all the wonder, that I could sing
Seeing you in bloom has started an awakening

All inside, all inside

We cannot hold time, nor can we wait
A livid hunger, I’m begging you to satiate
An errant calling, in my mind
Wanting you to fill me up to take me all inside

I will call you, knowing what you want
I will find you, circling the sun
I will know you, for all the things you’ve done
I will show you, all the love I’ve known
And let you know what’s on my mind
Let you know what’s all inside

And all the motions that we go through
I know that motion, has been the way that we commune
And though I’m tempered as the sun
and you the moon, I know that we will meet as dusk and dawn