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Song Meanings


Climbing in to Climb Into My Heart

Maybe the most important thing I’ve been working on in the last *mumble* years has been accepting relationships as they are and not as I wish they would be. We’ve all had that person we thought we should be best friends with, or that crush we thought should see the[…]

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What became the Last Lament

It’s important to note before I continue, as it will continue to apply to all blogs like this I write, that songwriters are not perfect people. STOP THE PRESS. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. PADDLE THE ELDERLY. Yes, that’s right. We often think of songwriters as troubled or struggling, but we[…]

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Using the soul of Soul to Use

In a summer of aimless positivity I said ‘yes’ to being a stage manager for a Fringe play for a bunch of people I had never met (nor had any reason to trust. I was that aimless). At the cast party a guitar was sitting around so I picked it[…]

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Getting all inside All Inside

I usually have to open this conversation with, it’s not a metaphor for sex. Or at least, that wasn’t the intention. At the end of the day, a song is always what you bring to it and who am I to say that’s NOT what it’s about for you? All I[…]

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